Fourth daughter of King Michael I of Romania, H.R.H. Princess Sophie was born in Tatoï, Athens, Greece. She studied in Switzerland and the United Kingdom and then began her university studies at the University of North Carolina in the United States in the field of fine art and photography. She then attended the “Corcoran School of the Arts and Design” in Washington D.C., in order to obtain a bachelor’s degree in graphic arts and a master’s degree in photography.

However, the events of 1989 in Romania changed the course of her life. She interrupted her studies and returned to the family home in Switzerland to help her father. She played an important role in consolidating the Versoix secretariat alongside her sister Margareta, today Her Majesty Custodian of the Crown of Romania.

Throughout the 1990’s, she worked on numerous projects for the Margareta of Romania Royal Foundation, travelling across the country, assisting the Romanian people and children in particular in their struggle to recover their identity after decades of tyranny. She contributed to identifying major projects, in fundraising campaigns across the United States and in organising humanitarian aid. The princess also helped promote the Foundation’s activity on the international scene.

Today, HRH Princess Sophie is an internationally recognised photographer, having exhibited her work throughout Europe. She is the recipient of the Kotinos International Award for Excellence in Photography Art 2018, given in collaboration with the Philanthropy International Organization – a member of the United Nations Global Compact – and the Saned International Organisation. In addition, she is the author of a children’s book entitled The child of the sun published in 1995.

In 2018, she moved to Romania permanently. She is dedicated to supporting the Royal Family’s efforts to celebrate Romania nationally and internationally, and raise awareness of the country’s exceptional history, culture and natural beauty. She achieves this mission by using her talents as an artist/photographer to capture and document the country’s diverse cultures, history, environment and way of life.

In 2021 she published her first photography book documenting the lives of the communities living in some of Romania’s most beautiful monasteries.

Today, she is focused on creating visual journeys through Romania that offer extraordinary insights to parts of the country rarely seen.