Romania, a Celebration

A visual celebration of Romania’s cultural, rural and environmental heritage.

“Romanian a Celebration” is a project that consists of an assortment of specific topics presented through books and exhibitions which allow people to discover Romania from the unique perspective of a member of the Romania royal family.

  • Document Romania’s heritage

Each region of Romania has distinctive histories and cultural sites that Princess Sophie captures in her work.

  • Celebrate the country’s natural beauty

 Princess Sophie began her photography career concentrating primarily on landscapes. She is putting her expertise in this area of photography to spotlight Romania’s natural beauty from the Carpathian mountains to the shores of the Black Sea and the hills of Maramures.

  • Continue the artistic tradition of the Royal Family  

Throughout the past 150 years of its History, The Royal Family of Romania, notably the women, has greatly contributed to the arts, not solely as patrons, but as artists themselves. Princess Sophie is continuing this Family tradition by putting her artistic talents at the service of the country and joining the community of Romanian artists who celebrate the country’s beauty, history, distinct capacities and great potential for development. 

PROJECT #1 “Voyage through Romania”

Princess Sophie promoted Romania’s magnificent landscapes by an exhibition in Poland in 2021.

PROJECT #2 ““The Romanian Monastery” “Celebrating Romania’s Spiritual Communities””

Despite the disruption from the global Covid-19 pandemic, Princess Sophie and her team were able to accomplish a book project documenting the lives of the inhabitants of some of Romania’s extraordinary monasteries. The coffee table photography book was published in October 2021. 

PROJECT #3 – Spring in Maramures

This next project promoted the beauty of the less know region of Maramures in the north of Romania and the preparation of the Easter celebration the Maramures way. An exhibition of at least two dozen photographs took place in Bucharest during the summer of 2022.

PROJECT #4 – Of Stone and Steel – A voyage into the World of Urbex

Princess Sophie and her collaborators travelled to different parts of the country to bring you some astonishing images of the places they discovered in an Urban exploration context. An exhibition of over 40 photographs was created and presented in Bucharest to raise awareness about the country’s diverse but lesser-known history and cultural heritage of abandoned buildings. A complimentary book was launched at the same time as the exhibition. Bucharest 2023.

PROJECT – #5 is currently being developed